Early Music Workouts

Our Early Music Workouts combine the scholarship of our critical performer editions with backing tracks to provide an innovative resource for amateur, student and professional musicians to develop key musicianship skills relevant to early music and historical performance practice. 
  • Printable and screen-readable pdf files.
  • Worksheets covering theory, examples and practical exercises.
  • Accompanying backing tracks suitable for instruments various pitches. 
  • Multiple speeds to aid progression. 
  • Work off-line, or using the website.

Exercises for Improvised Embellishment of 16th and Early 17th Century Music.

•    Learn to embellish Renaissance and early Baroque music from the original authors.

•    120 accompaniment backing tracks in mp3 format.

•    Backing tracks in 4 tempi to aid progressive learning.

•    Suitable for instruments pitched at A=415, A=440 and A=465.

•    12 pages of examples.

•    Suitable for treble clef readers.

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